Aspen Veterinary Clinic is very pleased to offer alternative treatments for many conditions caused by damage to skeletal structures, nerves and other soft tissues. Acupuncture is the use of small needles placed along nerve pathways to increase circulation to injured areas and thereby decrease inflammation and shorten healing time. This therapy has been time-proven over thousands of years and is relatively non-invasive, and very well tolerated by most patients.

Aspen is also pleased to have a Class IV therapeutic laser that utilizes visible and near-infrared laser light waves to penetrate tissues and create a photochemical reaction at the cellular level. The reaction increases the amount of cellular energy and oxygen being carried to the treated area by increasing circulation. This is an extremely effective tool used to reduce pain and inflammation, decrease healing time and enhance tissue healing. It is also an excellent adjunct therapy for treating infections and is very helpful in the treatment of abscesses, ear infections, bite wounds and much more! This is a painless procedure that animals tolerate very well, and many seem to genuinely enjoy. To find out more about how our K-Laser works, please visit