Aspen Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer veterinary mobile services for equine, bovine, livestock and small ruminant patients.

On-Site Visits: We travel to the client's location, whether it's a farm, stable, or private residence, to provide veterinary care. We carry the necessary equipment, supplies, and medications to perform examinations, diagnostics, treatments, and minor procedures on-site.

Preventive Care: We provide routine preventive care, such as vaccinations, deworming, and parasite control, at the client's location. We can also perform wellness exams, dental check-ups, and offer nutritional advice tailored to the animal's specific needs.

Minor Procedures: We can perform minor surgical procedures, such as castrations, wound management, and minor laceration repairs, on-site. We carry the necessary equipment and supplies to handle these procedures safely and efficiently.

Euthanasia and Hospice Care: We provide compassionate end-of-life care for animals. We offer euthanasia services in the comfort of the animal's familiar surroundings, ensuring a peaceful and stress-free experience.

Emergency Services: We offer 24/7 emergency care.

Our mobile veterinary services offer flexibility and convenience for clients while ensuring that their animals receive necessary veterinary care. By bringing veterinary care directly to the animals, Aspen Veterinary Clinic can provide personalized, stress-free services and build strong relationships with its clients.