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Equine Service Specials

Dear Fellow Horse Owners!

Are your equine friends ready for summer? Are you planning to show, rodeo, travel, or trail ride? Keep reading to hear about this summer's Equine Service Specials!

Don't forget that with the warm weather and impending monsoons, a horse's nutritional needs change and they can be more susceptible to episodes of colic and dehydration, parasites, skin disease, allergies and infectious diseases.

To help make sure your horse stays healthy this summer, we are pleased to announce that our very own, highly trained and exceptionally knowledgable, primary equine veterinarian, Dr. Forbes is offering Three Equine Service Specials throughout the months of July, August, and September!

Use One Coupon Or Use All Three!

Want to make sure that your horse is in fact "Healthy as a Horse?" Get 10% off wellness bloodwork to catch early signs of disease and 10% off a McMaster's fecal float to look for parasites with an annual wellness exam!

Are you in the middle of a show season or worried that your horse isn't going quite right? Get 10% off all x-rays with a lameness exam!

Did your horse drop some weight over winter of has it been more than 1 to 2 years since your horses' teeth were last floated? Get 10% off an equine/float with your annual wellness exam.

While you're here, don't forget to stock up on all of the essential "must-have" medical supplies for any horse owner such as Banamine, dewormers, electrolytes, and anything else you need for your emergency kit!

Do you have questions about how much a horse should rink during summer months? Need tips for how to deal with pesky flies? Do you know what colic signs to look for and when to call your veterinarian?

Ask Dr. Forbes during your exam and get the answers to all of these questions and much, much more!

Call Aspen Veterinary Clinic today to setup an appointment for your special equine companion! (928)-526-2423